2001 Scrapbook
Boxing Day with Taeppa's Tump
The Palmers Arms, Dorney

We were invited to spend Boxing Day with Taeppa's Tump at their traditional venue - The Palmers Arms in Dorney.

The landlord was very hospitable, the weather was cold, bright, dry and sunny, and Taeppa's Tump were good hosts. We all had an excellent time dancing outside and inside.

The OBJ side comprised Anne, Ian O, Colin, Dave D, Dave K, Jenny, Doug, Gill, Jill, JimM, Lynne, Pam, Louise, Nikki, Ruth, Adrian, Tony, Jim J, Ian F.

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Looking like we're dancing on the side of a hill, we line up ready to dance into the low winter sun.

Ready to dance the Stomp are Nikki, Chris, Jenny, Jim, the invisible dancer, Colin, Dave D, Lynne

Later in the same dance

Jim M at the front, with Colin, Dave D and Lynne in the background

A 12-dancer Sheepskins in progress. Lynne licks her lips while the "odds" dance a ragged sheepskins hay.

In the picture are Lynne and five others hiding behind her, Ruth (with the hair), Dave D, Tony, Louise, Jill and one of Jenny's legs.

Smiles are everywhere in the same Sheepskins, with Adrian in the left foreground looking particularly pleased with something.

In the picture from L to R are Nikki, Gill, Adrian, someones boots, Louise, Tony, Jill and Lynne.

Look at these three.

Ruth, Nikki and Louise in the back of a car.

A nice picture of Gill, courtesy of Jill.

The first outing of the cape!

Not sure whats going on here.

A (thankfully) rare view up Jim J's nostrils, with Jill and Chris fascinated.

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