2000 Scrapbook
Dog Days Do at the Seven Stars, Knowl Hill

The fourth appearance at the Dog Days Do - accompanied by Taeppa's Tump.
Ann, Ian and Mike had by now started to make regular contributions as musicians.

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The Dog Days Do at Seven Stars, Knowl Hill
12th March, 2000

Left to Right: Colin (looking transfixed), Louise, Chris, Dave K, Pam, Jill, with Ian (trombone) and Jim J (drum) in the background

Also performing that day: Dave D, Doug, Jim J, Nikki, Pam

The Dog Days Do, 12th March, 2000

Dancing the Craven Stomp

Left to Right: Colin Chris, Louise, Jill, Lynne (in purple kit variant), Jim M (partly hidden), Dave K, Pam. Doug is playing somewhere, and Mike and Jim J are drumming

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