2000 Scrapbook
Boxing Day with Fleet Morris

To finish 2000, we danced with Fleet Morris at the Golden Pot in Eversley. Justin and Antoinnette at the Golden Pot were excellent hosts and a good time was had by all.

This was a change of venue from the other Eversley pubs, who had proved to be less than hospitable on previous visits.

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The Golden Pot, at Eversley
26th December 2000

Dancing the all-too-familiar "Hay-on-Wye" (Why?)

Left to Right (dancing): Dave K, Ruth, Colin, Pam, Chris with Jill hidden.

In the band are Jim J, Dave Williams, Ian, Anne with Doug, Jenni and Judy hidden.

Also performing that day: Dave D, Nikki, Louise

Another Hay-on-Wye shot.

Jim J and Doug are visible in the band.

Two more steps to go!

Dancing Sheepskins are Pam and Colin (front), followed by Jenni and Louise, and Nikki and Dave K

Yvonne from Fleet Morris looks on.

The band from L to R are Jim J, Dougie, Jill (partly hidden), Judy, Ian, Anne, Dave D, Chris

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