1999 Scrapbook
The kit-making party

The kit-making party - well, rag-jacket-making party, really - made a good start on about 6 rag jackets for new dancers.

The factory was organised into four gangs - the cutters, the pinners, the sewers (can that be the right term?), and the beer-fetchers/tea-makers. This proved that the pinners skill had been lost completely.

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The 1999 rag-jacket-making party - 20th February

This is the "pinning gang" at work.

Colin supervising and worrying about quality of the finished product.

Left to right: A mysterious hand, Vera, Colin, Dave D, Jill

More of the 1999 rag-jacket-making party

These are the sewers hard at work.

Left to right: Pam, Colin, Doug

And more...

The cutters at work

Jim M and Liz

And yet more...

Another hive of inactivity

Left to right: Lynne, Jill, Dave D, Vera, Dave K

And lastly...

The tea making team

Pam doing what she does best!

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