1999 Scrapbook
Wassail at the Dog&Duck, Emmbrook

In 1999 the side enjoyed a lot of newcomers: Louise, Nikki, Ruth, Vera, Liz, Angela, Elaine, Dave D and Dave K. All of them needed new rag jackets, so a party was organised in February, and the new members were soon dancing with the side.

This year started with a wassail at the Dog & Duck, Winchester and Chippenham Folk Festivals, and a number of established "traditional" events, including Swanage Folk Festival, the Dog Days Do, Wokingham Winter Carnival, etc. Altogether OBJ danced-out on 24 occasions in 1999.

The Wassail was the first to be organised locally for some time, and credit goes to Sam Viner for organising it. The Wassail was attended by Sam Viner, local residents, and several Morris sides.

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Wassail at the Dog&Duck in Emmbrook, Wokingham 17th January 1999

A fine day, organised by Sam Viner - and possibly the beginning of a "tradition"

The King and Queen (Coralie) of the Bean conducting the ceremony, using a robin cake decoration in lieu of the customary wren.

Wassail at the Dog&Duck in Emmbrook

The King and Queen of the Bean was selected by cutting and eating a large cake, which concealed two beans. The recipients of the beans were duly selected.

This is Jack and Anne (of HuMP) eating their cake. On the day, the second bean was not located, so the process was helped along by introducing another bean. Rumours abound concerning the disposition of the missing bean, and the piece of cake in the picture on the far left!

Wassail at the Dog&Duck in Emmbrook

Two good pictures of Nigel, taken during the same dance as below (Hay on Wye)

Wassail at the Dog&Duck in Emmbrook

OBJ danced with HuMP, Ellingtons and Berkshire Bedlam. Here, we are dancing Hay on Wye

Left to right: Chris, Jack, Jill, Colin, Nigel (hidden), JimM, Jim J (drumming), Doug (playing)

Also performing that day: Angela, Dave K, Pam. Liz is watching

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