1997 Scrapbook
The Dog Days Do

Early in 1997, we were joined by Jim J, Maggie, Natalie, Fiona, and briefly by Thelma. Jack, Jackie and Mary left that season.

During the first dancing year, OBJ danced-out on at least 16 recorded occasions, building up confidence and repertoire.

One of the first events was the charity "Dog Days Do" at the Seven Stars, Knowl Hill, accompanied by Shinfield Shambles. OBJ have danced at this event each year since the side was formed.

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Dog Days Do, Seven Stars, Knowl Hill 9th March 1997
Dancing with Shinfield Shambles

Dancing Brimfield

Left to right: Lynne, Colin, Jack, Doug (playing), Jackie, Chris

Also performing that day: Pam, Jos, Mary. Also present: Kate, Dave, Hilary and Dave K (watching/chatting/drinking)

More of the Dog Days Do at the Seven Stars

A rare picture including Doug dancing (Dilwyn)

Left to right: Mary, Pam, Jos (hidden), Chris, Colin, Jackie, Lynne, Doug. Jack was playing

Dog Days Do again

Left to right: Jackie, Jos, Mary, Chris, Colin, Pam, Linda (in civvies), Lynne

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