1996 Scrapbook
The first dancing-out

After kit was produced and practices conducted, the side had a trial run at the Green Man in Easthampstead - local to the practice hall. We then danced Boxing Day with Fleet Morris at the Toad & Stumps, Eversley.

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First Time Out for OBJ
The Green Man, Easthampstead, Bracknell
st Dec 1996

Smart Pub (?!). The audience was a skinhead, an Alsation and Suzy (taking the picture)

Left to right: Chris, Jos, Lynne, Jackie, Kate (watching), Linda, Pam, Doug, Mary, Colin, Jack

The Green Man, Bracknell, 21st Dec 1996

An elated bunch after their first public appearance

Left to right: Pam, Jos, Chris, Lynne, Jackie, Linda, Jack, Doug, Mary, Colin

Boxing Day, Toad & Stumps, Eversley
With Fleet Ladies Morris, on a cold, dull day.

Dancing the ubiquitous Hay-on-Wye

Left to right: Chris, Jack, Mary, Jackie, Lynne, Colin

In the background, encouragers Nigel (playing, I think) and the ever-lovely Denise (drumming).

Boxing Day, Toad & Stumps, Eversley

Dancing Clivedon in the shadows!

Left to right: Colin, Lynne, Mary, Chris, Jack, Jackie, Pam, Nigel (watching), Doug

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