1996 Scrapbook
The first practice, kit-making and the first appearance in kit

OBJ was formed after a chat over tea and danish at Wimborne Folk Festival in 1996. The first formal meeting took place on 23rd July 1996, and the founding members chose the kit (surprisingly quickly), the style (no problem!) and the name of the side (after lengthy debate).

This page shows the progress from the first practice, through kit-making, to the first public appearance of the kit, three months later.

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The first OBJ Practice
St. Michael's School, Easthampstead, Bracknell
10th September 1996

Left to right: Jos, Mary, Linda, Doug, Lynne, Kate, Colin, Chris, Pam, Jackie.

Lee (non-dancing style advisor) is horizontal.

Behind the camera: the caretaker

The first Rag Jacket party
Doug and Kate’s house 17
th November 1996

More eating and drinking than sewing, but it got the kit made.

Left to right: Lynne (nearly), Pam, Chris

More of the first Rag Jacket party

And they said teachers are responsible people! It had taken an hour to sort those tatters into “random” order.

 Left to right: Doug (pinning), Lynne (throwing), Jack (encouraging her).

First public appearance of the OBJ kit
1st December 1996

Colin and Jackie just before setting off with Jack for an impromptu "prat-around" at Wokingham Winter Carnival

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