OBJ's Scrapbook

We started keeping a paper scrapbook in 1996 - long before digital cameras made this a simple process!!

We weren't always as consistent as we might have been, so the coverage and details varied year-by-year.  Eventually we scanned our scrapbook and loaded it up onto a website. It's been growing ever since.  Videos appeared along the way and they have been added to Youtube - you can find them here

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Youtube Videos All youtube videos since OBJ was formed

2020 Scrapbook The year of Covid-19
2019 Scrapbook The first Wassail in Wokinghams re-generated town centre
2018 Scrapbook The first Bracknell Civic Day
2017 Scrapbook Includes our first-ever Hen Party and Lily Hill Park Wassail
2016 Scrapbook Our 20th Year
2015 Scrapbook This included Wreckers 15th birthday bash in Cornwall
2014 Scrapbook New Years Day with Wickham became an annual fixture, wassailing moved to Lands End
2013 Scrapbook Our first trip to the Wessex Folk Festival in the old Weymouth harbour area
2012 Scrapbook Included a trip to RAF Benson to visit the Air Ambulance
2011 Scrapbook Colin, Joe and Anna took over as musicians
2010 Scrapbook Includes massed dancing in the church at Swanage
2009 Scrapbook Includes a trip back to Cornwall for Wreckers 10th Birthday
2008 Scrapbook Not much went in the scrapbook from 2008 but we were busy
2007 Scrapbook Included our first trip to Woodbridge Folk Festival
2006 Scrapbook Massed Worcester Monkeys at Swanage were well-established by now
2005 Scrapbook Included a weekend in North Wales and dancing the Festiniog Railway
2004 Scrapbook Included a memorable trip to join Wreckers 5th birthday celebrations in Cornwall
2003 Scrapbook Our first filming gig - the truly awesome (and awful) Sort-it-out-Man
2002 Scrapbook Our customary annual trip to Henley had been established
2001 Scrapbook OBJ's second - and wettest - day-of-dance
2000 Scrapbook Includes OBJ's first day-of-dance
1999 Scrapbook Our first wassail - a re-invented annual tradition
1998 Scrapbook This may have been the beginning of the annual Corfe Castle trip from Swanage
1997 Scrapbook Our first appearance at Swanage Folk Festival - the beginning of the dancing-in-the-sea tradition!
1996 Scrapbook OBJ was formed in 1996 following a chat in the tea-room at Wimborne