Booking OBJ for Events

Every year we perform at Folk Festivals and other special occasions of direct interest to our members.

We receive dozens of invitations to perform at fetes, fun-days etc, and consider them all on their merits. Unfortunately we simply cannot accept all of them, and we hope these notes will help you to understand how we consider them.  We are a small team, and any booking is likely to require 10-12 of us for a minimum of half a day. We are all family people with jobs and other interests that demand our time so there is a practical limit to the number of bookings we can accept.

We often charge a fee, and this will depend on the circumstances. Most bookings involve some amount of travel expense for 10-12 people, half a day or more of their time, and in addition there is considerable expense in running a morris team (practice hall rental, kit, insurance etc).  We do expect to recover a contribution to some or all of these costs when we accept a booking.

We construct our Programme of events in February-March of each year and thereafter we consider any new requests in the context of the events already planned, and our members available time.  This is how we consider each request:

We're sorry that this might appear mercenary, but we do our best to fit in as many local charitable events as we can.

If you are connected with a fete or other regular event, please consider whether you or your colleages might enjoy morris dancing. If you join us and become an active member, your event will receive priority over other invitations.

If you wish to make a booking, you can contact us here

If we are already scheduled in our Programme of events on your event date or you want to look for alternatives, here is a list of other Local morris contacts